Carpaccio of beef tenderloin
with rocket, pine tree kernels and parmesan cheese
Carpaccio of salmon
with rocket, parmesan cheese and balsamic dressing
Salad with buffel mozzarella
tomato, rocket, green pesto and balsamic dressing
Greek salad
with feta, olives, tomato and paprika (v)
Tuna salad
with onion rings and capers
Salad with smoked salmon
rocket, onions and capers


Freshly made tomato cream soup
with basil (v)
Fresh onion soup
au gratin (v)
with croutons (french fish soup)
Hungarian goulasch soup
(season )
Salad with lukewarm chicken fillet,
served with our famous cocktail sauce
Salad with fried dices of bacon,
croutons and poached egg
Salad with fried scampi’s
n a spicy pernod sauce
Main courses


Pizza bianco:
(without tomato) with sea salt and rosmary
Pizza margherita:
Tomato sauce, cheese
Pizza Tomato sauce, cheese:
Tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, parmesan cheese
Pizza tonno:
Tomato sauce, tuna, onions, capers, oregano
Pizza prosciutto:
Tomato sauce, parma ham, mozzarella, rockret, parmesan cheese, truffel oil
Pizza chorizo:
Tomato sauce, parma ham, mozzarella, rockret, parmesan cheese, truffel oil
Pizza pesto pollo:
Tomato sauce, fresh tomatos, pesto, chicken, pine nuts, rocket, parmesan cheese
Pizza capricciosa:
Tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olives, onions
Pizza carpaccio:
Tomato sauce, beef filet carpaccio, pine nuts, rocket, parmesan chees


Sate of pork tenderloin
(three skewers) with prawn crackers
Sate of pork tenderloin,
(four skewers) with prawn crackers
Fried chicken fillet
with stroganoff sauce on a bed of daily fresh vegetables
Gyros dish
with homemade garlic sauce
Wiener schnitzel

Fillet of beef tenderloi,
pepper sauce served with daily fresh vegetables


Fish stew
with various sorts of fish fillet, served in a small pan
Scampi’s du chef
fried in oil with pesto and garlic, served with pasta
Oven baked salmon fillet


grannies recipe of beef stew with chips and garnish
Stir fried noodle,
with fresh thai vegetables (v) (v)


Spaghetti bolognese
(served with tomato/meat sauce)
Lasagne traditional

Lasagne vegetarian
with aubergine, mozzarella and basil (v)
Pasta Aux Pays Bas
linguini with green pesto,bacon,champions,Pine nuts and cheese parmazan
Pasta a la Bistecca,
pasta with steak strips,sun-dried tomatoes,olives Cheese parmezan,and Pine nuts



Dame Blanche,
(vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream)
Ice cream with strawberries,
and whipped cream (season)
Banana merengesdessert,
dessert, with caramelsauce and pecannuts
Chocolate cake
filled with hot chocolate sauce
Irish Coffee,
(coffee with Jameson whiskey and whipped cream)
Bailey’s hot choc,
Bailey’s hot choc `

Alle voorgerechten worden geserveerd met stokbrood en boter
De met een (v) aangegeven gerechten zijn tevens geschikt voor vegetariërs